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Pre liposuction and lipectomy therapy

The principal objective of having this therapy is to initiate a vacuum effect of which will help to a better fat extraction at the time of the liposuction. The effects such as:


  • An increment in skin flexibility.

  • Releases the venous and lymphatic flow.

  • Stimulates the dermis and hypodermis

  • Decrease muscle tension

  • Starts the process of activation and release of toxins, increases muscle tone.

  • It’s an assistant in the surgical treatment because it will eliminate existing treatments in the body such as mesotherapy procedure previously done without any effect. This process also helps increase oxygenation and physiological effects, increased tissue metabolism which will be of great help before and after a surgery.

Post Surgical Procedure
  • Decrease pain, edema and sensitivity

  • Lymphatic drainage and use of cannulas

  • Avoid fibrosis and scars

  • Work with cellulite.

  • Strengthening elasticity in tone muscle

  • Skin Fitness

  • Thickening of the tissue and avoid scarring


Integral method for pre and post surgery

The purpose of using the aesthetic medical devices is to help in the process of reducing cellulite. It is important to remind the patient that liposuction or lipectomy does not eliminates cellulite, and this can be found through the effect of aesthetic medical devices and its different techniques.

  • Thermal tension

  • Increased vasodilatation

  • Disintegration of fat cells

  • Muscle hypertrophy

  • Increased elasticity



The CARBOXITHERAPY is percutaneous or subcutaneous application of carbon dioxide for therapeutic purposes.

Aesthetic Indications

♦  Cellulite syndrome.
♦  Localized Adiposity.
♦  Pre and post liposuction.
♦  Multiple Symmetrical lipomatosis (LMS).
♦  Stretch marks.
♦  Facial rejuvenation.
♦  Fibrosis.
♦  Flaps and grafts.         

Other Indications
♦  Urology: Erectile dysfunction.
♦  Rheumatology: Arthritis.
♦  Dermatology: Psoriasis, ulcers associated with microangiopathy
♦  ANGIOLOGY: peripheral arterial disease, microangiopathy,Diabetic foot



The VACUUMTHERAPY is based on combining two techniques with proven benefits recognized in the field of aesthetics, deep massage and negative pressure. With this noninvasive technique a deep tissue kneading is achieved and when this is performed toward the muscle fibers, its carried to the lymph nodes, where we get an effect of local heat, vasodilatation and it improves lymphatic drainage.

Indications of Vacuumtherapy
Aesthetic Medical Indications
♦  Cellulite.
♦  Circulatory problems.
♦  Pre-and post-operative.
♦  Buttock lift.
♦  Stretch marks.
♦  Scars.
♦  Fibrosis.
♦  Acne problems.
♦  Facial expressions.
♦  Post-partum.

Indications therapeutic level
♦  Muscle spasms.
♦  Sports injuries.
♦  Tired legs.
♦  Constipation.
♦  Fluid retention.
♦  Muscle Injuries.
♦  Rheumatic problems, arthritis, osteoarthritis.
♦  Digestive disorders.
♦  Venous return.
♦  Swelling or edema.


The electro therapy is the application of current, simulating the electrical impulse that sends the nervous system to perform the muscle contraction. This stimulus is through the application of plates or electrodes on the surface of the muscle at the motor point in order to get the muscle to contract, as it would if you had received the nerve impulse.

Aesthetic Indications of Electrotherapy
♦  Reaffirms muscle.
♦  Increased tone and skin elasticity.
♦  Increased muscle mass.
♦  Avoid secondary flaccidity do to thinning procedures
♦  Process is instrumental in eliminating cellulite.
♦  Lymphatic drainage facial and body.

Therapeutic Indications of Electrotherapy
♦  Painful muscle and nerve treatments (neuritis, myalgia, joint, etc)
♦  Muscle Hypotonia
♦  Muscular atrophies
♦  Reeducation of neuromuscular coordination
♦  Spinal Cord Injuries
♦  Body and facial paralysis


It is a mechanical vibration with a wider range audible to the human ear that is transmitted through physical media and is guided, recorded and measured in Hertz with a device created for its purpose.

Aesthetic Index
♦  Process of fibrosis in general.
♦  Scars.
♦  Muscle relaxation.
♦  Localized adiposity.
♦  Cellulite.
♦  Skin spots.
♦  Ultrasonic Hydrolipoclasia
♦  Postoperative (liposuction, breast surgery).
♦  Sonoforesis: penetration of cosmetic and reductive substances inside the body.
Lymph Drainage (w/cups)

Manual lymph drainage is a form of massage that promotes the functioning of the lymphatic system, crucial for an effective performance of the immune system. It is a special technique of massage that is performed by pumping soft and rhythmic pressure movements that are made in the lymphatic circulation and whose aim is to decongest the lymph nodes, stimulating the flow of lymphs and then help drain. It is a technique of massage therapy that is part of the field of physical therapy techniques and therapeutic massage.

The key to success in manual lymphatic drainage is in the drainage of lymph edema proteins, which currently are not able to be drained by instrumental means (for example, pressure therapy, which drains interstitial fluid only).


♦  Acne
♦  Cellulite (fat accumulated retains water like a sponge)
♦  Spider veins
♦  Fibromyalgia
♦  Tired legs
♦  Edema (fluid accumulation)
♦  Edema of pregnancy (prevention of stretch marks)
♦  Edema linfoestáticos (in the arm edema after breast removal)
♦  Edema nervous system (migraines, headaches, dizziness)
♦  Postoperative edema and to improve the presentation of scars.
♦  Chronic diseases of the respiratory tract (rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis ...)
♦  Edemas of traumatic origin: bruises, sprains, muscle pulls and is very suitable for the recovery of athletes.
♦  Arthritis, osteoarthritis and soft tissue disorders (capsulitis, tendonitis, etc.).
♦  Congenital or acquired lymphedema.
♦  Edema in menstruation
♦  Autonomic dystonia (nerves, anxiety).
♦  Bed sores.
♦  Bruising

Lymphatic drainage is in excellent combination of holistic massage. This massage, holistic health philosophy, sees the body as a dynamic energy system that is in constant state of change and sees humans as more than bodies, considering each as a complex balance of mental, physical and spiritual aspects and health is considered a balanced relationship; psychic, physical and biological.

According to this philosophy, holistic massage and inner self are essential to deal with muscle tension, much of our stress is caused by blocked emotions and holistic massage is very useful for releasing emotions and tensions. The holistic massage must be applied systematically in all beauty treatments.


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