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My name is Mirtha L. Mendoza.
I am the founder and president of Loremy Spalon, Inc.

Loremy is a company that was founded in 1996 as a Med Spa in Mexico offering general medical attention specialized in analysis, also in clinical and esthetic cosmetology and thanks to the support and guidance of: Dr. Oscar Ibarra (medical surgeon) graduate from UNAM, Dr. Octavio Fierro Reyes (medical surgeon) graduate from UACJ, Dr. Alfredo Azoury Yapor (plastic and reconstructive surgeon) graduate from UAG, and Dr. Jose L. Durazo M. (cosmetic dermatologist, Loremy has achieved to incorporated their knowledge and understanding of the molding of the body figure in order to make cosmetic surgery easier for surgeons as well to speed up the recovery of their patients.

Loremy is a company that began giving services on September 1999 in Illinois, mainly to people who had low self-esteem or wished to change their image.
Loremy Spalon, Inc. is a company that has grown because we offer quality of life, integral beauty, and counts with a team of technicians capable of offering the best of services to men and women of all ages.

We are a company that counts with and provides exclusive programs for our clients to help them preserve integral health and improve their habits in order to obtain a better quality of life, then making it ideal to learn to raise our self- esteem. We can help to do this using many technological advances and other available methods in our environment for holistic apprenticeship, mental, corporal, and sensitive self care.

Loremy Spalon, Inc. is a company that gives “a look towards us”, in search of success, attitude and self respect, changing our life styles.

In the Facial Area: We offer treatments and knowledge on the chronological process of aging. It gives us a look toward esthetics, teaching us its stages and preventions. It helps us assume every stage of our life cycle with dignity and responsibility.
Benefits: Healthy radiant, young looking skin.

In the Corporal Area: We use holistic, esthetic, medical, and sport methods to obtain body molding. An alternative to surgical procedures, as well as a pre and post surgical therapy, achieving effective results, changing your life style with help of Carboxitherapy, Vacuumtherapy, Electrotherapy, UltraSound, Gessotherapy and diverse types of massages. Definitely, every woman’s dream is to be able to show her real body figure and live in good health at the same time.
Benefits: Elevate your self esteem, recover good health, and achieve the body of your dreams.

Permanent Cosmetic Make up (Intradermal Pigmentation): We utilize the most advanced technology in eyebrow simulation, eyelash simulation, illumination of the eye, eyeliner, color and shaping of the lips, and blush implanting natural colors. In this area we also work in regular tattoo correction (on the face only), camouflage, vitiligo, scars, implanting color to areolas, and more.
Benefits: A fresh beautiful look with a large variety of colors.

Our Dream:
To offer seminars, have workshops for our clients and general public. To obtain that everyone’s self-esteem and self respect improves. As a final result we want everyone to feel better about themselves since beauty and health go hand on hand.

Loremy Spalon Inc. counts with a group of excellent technicians who before anything love and enjoy their job, all which are fully trained and certified to offer excellent skin care, always willing to be able to help you with your change of image.


Consultations with:
Dr. Thomas Kelly
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Kelly is a Board Certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon specialized in body enhancement. Dr. Kelly also does face lifts, eye lifts, eyebrow lifts, forehead lifts and lipo sculpture. He also offers Botox and collagen injections as well as wrinkle and lip fillers. His gift is the beautification of the human body and therefore the human spirit which makes him an asset to Loremy Spalon, Inc. staff.

Consultations with:
Mirtha L. Mendoza
Certified Specialist in Permanent Cosmetic Make up, Skin care and pre-post surgical therapist Specialist

Mirtha L. Mendoza, international cosmetologist, member of SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic professionals) and AIIC (American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics). Mirtha L. Mendoza is certified in the United States and counts with more than 25 years of professional experience and continuous studies, which enables her to use the techniques and technology most advanced for the realization of each of her services.
Mirtha L. Mendoza is convinced that beauty and health go hand on hand and that everyone has the right to receive guidance regardless of what their condition might be, for example, people with alopecia, disability, post cancer, low self-esteem, etc.
For the reasons mentioned above, Mirtha L. Mendoza is of great value for Loremy Spalon, Inc.

Loremy Spalon….Your Passport to Beauty.
Beauty is in your hands…experiment …is simple.

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